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Only 20 minutes stolen every day for this quick “mise en beauté” to restore your skin giving back its radiance.

Session : 20 min
Fr. 30.00

Escale Beauté

A moment of well-being to vitaminize your skin, to fill up with energy and quickly find a rested look in a dynamic scented atmosphere with citrus and garrigue fragrances.

Session : 30 min
Fr. 45.00

Le Grand Classique

Deep cleansing, treating and relaxing treatment.

For a clean skin, a radiant complexion, five stages of progressive cleaning will follow in the most smooth succession.

Session : 1h
Fr. 70.00

Soin Teenager

Deep cleansing and balancing treatment.

Oily skin, blackheads and pimples emerging!

Nothing like a deep and gentle cleansing to rebalance the skin of a teenager!

Session : 45 min
Fr. 50.00

Hydralessence Visage

Hydrated by algae and fruit extracts, vaporized by a very fine aromatic steam, your skin will become smooth, soft and beautiful, all fine lines and wrinkles will diminish.

Session : 1h00
Fr. 80.00


Firming treatment. A true skin "coaching" against peptides, hibiscus and lupine to respond to age damage. The result is a firmer and visible younger redesigned contour.

Session : 1h15
Fr. 85.00

Tentation Florale

This is a facial with a damask rose candle, for all ages, ideal for the winter season, when the skin is dry.

After a cleansing, you will be enveloped by the hot oil of a candle with delicate aromas. You'll also enjoy three massages, including foot massage for a total relaxation.

It is a firming, hydrating facial with two precious masks.

Session : 1h00
Fr. 85.00

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