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Body remodeling treatment

Lipocavitation is a painless treatment that consists of reducing cellulite and localized fatty deposits thanks to ultrasound, which will break up the adipocytes (fat cells) by cavitation. This physical phenomenon consists of the controlled and repeated creation of microbubbles inside a liquid and their implosion.
Thus, a localized and partial destruction of the tissues occurs in the adipose tissue. We can therefore speak of lysis (destruction) of adipose tissue, which will then be eliminated through the lymphatic system and the urinary tract.

This method is an anti-cellulite treatment that has the advantages of liposuction without the need for surgery. It treats localized fat and cellulite (stomach, waist, thighs, buttocks, arms). A loss of centimeters and a firming of the skin visible from the first sessions.

Recommended 1 to 2 times per week

It is imperative to drink abundantly the days before and after each session in order to promote the natural elimination of fats by the lymph. In adequacy with a healthy, balanced diet and a regular sporting activity.

The benefits


The session Fr. 90.00

For one zone (thighs, buttocks, stomach, arms).
Possibility to make a package with one/two or more zones.

Flash offer until the 1st of May 2023

6 sessions Fr. 420.00 for one zone
10 sessions Fr. 600.00 for one zone

6 sessions Fr. 780.00 for two zones (to do on the same day)
10 sessions Fr. 990.00 for two zones (to do on the same day)

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