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Raffaella Gregoris, successful chemist, found that a large number of skin care products contain useless or even harmful fillers. Thus, she decided on a skin care line that dispenses with those substances and focuses entirely on effectiveness and ethics. Since its launch in 2008, the Italian brand offers skin creams, lotions and skin care products in elegantly minimal packaging that are not only vegan and cruelty-free, but also free of preservatives, dyes, petroleum derivatives, surfactants and chemical additives that irritate the skin. With its pure formulas made of only natural and biotechnological ingredients that have a specific function for the skin, Bakel offers real added value to the concept of self-care.

Cinqdunes is the first and only beauty institute in Switzerland which offers you a new leading brand in cosmetology. Its products are formulated with highly selected ingredients and innovative active ingredients, following a single imperative: putting the quality of the content first.

Bakel products are safe for all types of pellets, are officially certified cruelty free, vegan, tested for heavy metals and nickel, gluten free and kosher. Their effectiveness is clinically proven.

Bakel promotes, with constant research and ethical transparency, an effective and pure anti-aging skincare, formulated to bring only real benefits and composed of 100 active ingredients, zero useless substances.


Moisturizing Facial

Thanks to aloe vera with its biotechnological rice and lupine proteins, the skin is pleasantly hydrated and nourished.

1h Fr 110.00
1h20 Fr 135.00-


Abandon yourself in the skillful hands of the therapist and enjoy this unique relaxing experience with the help of jojoba oil, vitamins A and E, a mix of ingredients that deeply nourishes and regenerates the driest skin.

1h Fr 110.00
1h20 Fr 135.00-

Redness treatment

Treatment created for the most sensitive skin and with redness with the help of the serum relief-therapist and floral water of wild chamomile, will bring a calming and soothing action.

1h Fr 110.00


For all skin types requiring revitalization and stimulation of facial oxygenation to promote cellular respiration.

1h Fr 110.00

Bakel ONLY

Keyword: Bakel Only. Intense anti-aging formulation that reduces the number and depth of wrinkles. Final result: an immediate and persistent firming and lifting effect.

1h Fr 135.00
1h20 Fr 160.00-


Treatment indicated for those who need a quick and immediate beauty treatment. Thanks to the synergy of pure vitamin C activated in the glutathione liquid which guarantees a luminous and immediately invigorated skin.

30m Fr 60.00


Facial treatment with a shine effect or integrated with another facial, with the help of the skin-icing it gives an energizing, decongestant, draining and illuminating effect. Perfect before an evening where you want to be at the top of beauty.

30m Fr 60.00
Integrated in any Bakel facial: Fr 35.00

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