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The Lakshmi beauty care line, certified organic, natural and ecological, is produced from natural oils, plant extracts, carefully selected litotherapy and precious essential oils. A basic principle of Ayurvedic cosmetics is the consideration of different skin types.



Dermo-purifying face treatment with an innovative formula specifically designed to deeply drain toxins thanks to the high concentration of vegetable extracts. It offers an immediate feeling of brightness, freshness and wellbeing to the skin.

Session : 1h
Fr. 70.00


Specific treatment for reactive and sensitive skin.

Treatment particularly recommended for sensitive and intolerant skin. It has moisturising, soothing and anti-redness properties and prevents and attenuates vasodilation through capillary-protective action; it creates a protective film that reduces the damage caused by external aggressions.

Session : 1h
Fr. 70.00


Intensive ultra moisturising treatment that restores skin vitality and solves the problems of dehydrated skin offering beautiful results.

Session : 1h
Fr. 80.00

Netra Eyes

A specific treatment to reduce wrinkles, dark circles and puffiness with an immediate lifting effect.

Eye wellbeing: Heavy eyelids, bags, dark circles and “creased” skin are all signs that must not be ignored. Netra is the specific treatment for the eye contour area, designed to reduce wrinkles, dark circles and puffiness. An extremely gentle treatment with an immediately visible lifting effect.

Session : 45 min
Fr. 55.00

Anti Age Rejuvenation

Firming massage with lifting effect with the help of crystal therapy on marma points.

Anti-aging treatment born from a line of Face products created from the fusion of the energy of crystals and precious vegetable and marine active ingredients with powerful antioxidant properties. Firming face, neck and head massage with lifting effect and an additional crystal therapy treatment on the main Marma points, to restore serenity and inner energy. Liposomes, masks and revitalising compounds make this treatment effective against the signs of time.

Session : 1h
Fr. 90.00

Anti Age Royal

Total rejuvenating treatment. For total wellbeing.

Not simply a Face treatment but much more, a complete wellbeing treatment. A total rejuvenating face and body treatment during which the cosmetics, scented essential oils, colours, music and special massage techniques work in synergy and harmony. For your total wellbeing.

Session : 1h
Fr. 90.00


Lakshmi’s certified products contain:


Lakshmi’s certified products do not contain:

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