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Swiss Deluxe w/hand & foot massage

With hands and feet massage. Deluxe program based on absolute cell therapy. Facial contours are remodeled, radiant ,intense reactivation of skin functions. A highly effective luxury treatment, which also includes hands and feet treatment (only peeling and massage).

Session : 1h30
Fr. 170.00

Swiss Executive Revitalising Anti-Age CellFacial

Luxury anti-aging treatment based on cell therapy. Sharp face contours, youth glow and intensive regeneration skin functions.

Session : 1h15
Fr. 120.00

Swiss Intensive Elasto-Collagen

Treatment specifically designed for intense hydration, firming and tissues strengthening. Prevents the subsidence of facial contours and improves elasticity of the skin. Particularly recommended in case of deep wrinkles, scars and stretch marks.

Session : 1h15
Fr. 120.00

Swiss Radiance Revealer

Deep beauty treatment for intensive radiation and lasting improvement of skin structure of the face and décolté. Pure extract of edelweiss, kombucha and elastin collagen fibers.

Session : 1h00
Fr. 110.00

Swiss Relaxing Anti Stress

A well-being and relaxation treatment. Removes signs of fatigue and stress and provides an intensive moisturizing and toning contribution to the skin.

Session : 1h00
Fr. 110.00

Swiss Deep Purifiying (Anti-Acné)

A deep purifying treatment for problem skin. With the enzymatic effect, impurities and bacteria are removed gently. The skin regains its balance through concentrated cellular substances.

Session : 1h00
Fr. 110.00

Swiss Quick Treatment

Relaxing and pleasantly refreshing short-term cell treatment, for an immediate result! The "must-have" just for the purpose of a particular event. Healing after intense sun exposure, in times of stress.

Session : 30 min
Fr. 50.00

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