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A wellbeing pause to enrich with vitamines your skin, to replenish in energy and quickly find a rested look in an boosting atmosphere with scents of citrus and garrigue.

Session : 35 min
Fr. 50.00


Comfort found, smooth features, radiant look

This high performance repair treatment is a real time of healing that includes exfoliation, steam bath, double moisturizing mask and facial and neck massage. No more tightness, lifeless complexions and fine wrinkles that often are the result of a lack of hydration.

Session : 1h00
Fr. 80.00


Deep treating and relaxing cleaning.

This treatment cleans, balances and brightens your complexion.

Blackheads and dead cells are gently eliminated by the action of professional peeling that respects the most delicate skin.

At this "clean skin" stage follows a long aromatherapy massage. A real radiance.

Session : 1h00
Fr. 70.00


Anti-wrinkle, firming and energizing

This treatment acts as a mini-facelift. The face is redrawn, the complexion regains its radiance.

Cleansing, exfoliation, misting stimulating essential oils, natural actives, restructuring natural actives, high-targeted masks give to your face a real boost and help to maintain you visibly younger!

Session : 1h00
Fr. 80.00

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