New: Calluspeeling treatment

75.00 with varnish
80.00 with semi-permanent OPI varnish

New: OPI GelColor !

Semi-permanent varnish applied to natural nails and lasting approximately 3-4 weeks

Only Fr. 20.00 extra on all our manicure treatments.
Only Fr. 15.00 extra on all our pedicure treatments.

Remove OPI GelColor: Fr. 15.00
Remove other brands: between Fr. 20.00 and Fr. 30.00.


To Preserve hands visibly younger became possible with Manicure by OPI!

It is a professional quality care system in four steps that will exfoliate, revitalize, renew and protect your hands.

MANICURE BY OPI is an efficient system, that transform a nail care into a real spa experience that will give youth and sparkle to your hands!

Basic Manicure

Fr. 40.00

Basic Manicure with simple
or semi-permanent varnish

Fr. 45.00

French Manicure

Fr. 45.00

Hand treatment with gommage and mask or paraffine

Fr. 55.00


Spa Pedicure by OPI is a professional products system developed to transform ordinary pedicures into real service Spa.

Formulated with the most soothing and effective natural botanical extracts, Spa Pedicure By OPI allows to restore, treat and beautify the feet with a range of high quality refreshing and energizing cares.

PEDICURE BY OPI offers a real well-being, the effects are felt both visually and by touch.

Basic Pedicure

Fr. 50.00

Basic Pedicure with simple
or semi-permanent varnish

Fr. 55.00

French Pedicure

Fr. 60.00

Foot trreatment with gommage and mask

Fr. 65.00

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